Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021

The Augustinian Historical Institute wishes you a merry Christmas, which perhaps more than ever will be a time of reflection on the immense value of friendship, togetherness, and the importance of physical contact in our digital age. We also wish you the strength to be able to cope with all the current restrictions in the new year, knowing that there will come an end to it. For some inspirational quotes of Augustine’s thoughts on friendship, click >>here<<

Please note that we will open our doors again on Tuesday, the 5th of January.

© Leo Coppens

Inaugurale rede van prof. dr. Anthony Dupont

Op woensdag 16 december om 15 uur houden twee hoofddocenten hun inaugurale redes online vanuit de Promotiezaal van de Universiteitshal in de Naamsestraat te Leuven. En een daarvan is medewerker van ons eigen instituut, Anthony Dupont. Hij nodigt u van harte uit om ‘te komen’ luisteren!

De lezingen zullen hier worden gestreamd.

prof. dr. Hector Patmore, hoofddocent Bijbelwetenschappen:
De onuitputtelijke tekst: Bijbelse interpretatie in de oudheid /
The Inexhaustible Text: Biblical Interpretation in Antiquity

prof. dr. Anthony Dupont, hoofddocent Christelijke Oudheid
‘Hou de Kerk in het midden’: Kerk, samenleving en Christus in Augustinus van Hippo /
‘Keep the Church in the Middle’: Church, Society, and Christ According to Augustine of Hippo

The heating system is working again

However, we are in the proces of changing the lighting in the institute to LED lights and this is being done by volunteers. More light in between the rolling stacks and all working lights in the work spaces!

Currently the volunteers are working on the lights in the individual work spaces. We apologize for the inconvenience.